Tea, with an Ecological Approach


Teacology – A New and Old Tea Blog

Hello!  I’m Alex Zorach.  You may know me from my Blog of World Changing Ideas.  I’m no newcomer to the world of tea, nor to tea blogging.  I run RateTea, and I also have had a long-standing blog hosted on blogger, with the uncreative but descriptive name Alex Zorach’s Tea Blog.

Why a new tea blog?

I decided to start this blog because I was frustrated with Blogger’s lack of spam control in recent months.  I receive tons of spam comments on that blog, and blogger’s built-in filter is terrible, missing most of the spam and wrongly sending a lot of legitimate comments to the spam folder.  But this is only the smallest problem with spam.  I am more distressed by Blogger’s failure to crack down on spam blogs.

 My experience blogging on WordPress.com has shown me that the WordPress team is really on top of blog spam.  When I’ve reported a spam blog, it’s been taken down within a few hours, accompanied by a personalized thank-you note from WordPress staff.  This treatment is professional and really makes my day whenever I receive these emails.

With Blogger, I report the spam blog and often check in weeks or months later, only to find that it’s still up.  I’m concerned that the poor control of spam on the blogspot domain is negatively effecting the reputation and search visibility of my tea blog.  I also am attracted by the greater community features WordPress has to offer.  My experience with my other WordPress blog has shown me that it’s easier to connect a new blog with new readers, and that new posts have more visibility.

So I’m going to try publishing here.  I’m going to start by sprucing up some of my old posts with new commentary, new ideas, and/or new images, and publishing them here.  I hope people enjoy it!

This blog:

What is this blog going to be about?  Tea, and Ecology.  Tea, with an ecological approach.  Ecology, with examples related to tea world.  And, everything, with sometimes direct and at other times tangential connections to tea.  And it will always be written from an angle of sustainability, as sustainability is something I am committed to in all aspects of my life.

Can you say heck yeah?  Heck yeah!